Indiana Jones Blu-Ray Quadrilogy due to release on October 29th

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A continuación redactamos una explicación en inglés sobre la noticia de Indiana Jones en Blu-Ray, destinada a los medios extranjeros que se han hecho eco de la noticia que publicamos ayer, la cuál suscitó una grandísima polémica.

Yesterday, the guys running inquired a Paramount Spain insider about upcoming Blu-Ray releases from the company, which were expected to hit the Spanish market after the summer.

For our own surprise, among previously released HD DVD backcatalog that will be reissued on Blu-Ray Disc, and among 3 big-hit titles (also previously released on DVD: «No Country For Old Men», «The Spiderwick Chronicles» and «Cloverfield»), we were told that Paramount was already working on The Godfather and Indy series.

Yes. We were astonished too, so we published the information because we thought it was reliable and it made sense, even no official announcement had been made, and no official press document had been released to the media.

About the artwork: Some claim it’s fake. Well, of course it is. It was just a decoration for the news, never intended to pass for the real thing. ¿How could a Spanish small blog have the final cover arts for such a great movie pack without other major sites having it before?

Anyway, we’d like to apologize to all of you. We are a respectable source and we rarely publish unofficial release dates, but this time we thought we had it right.

Time will tell if we were right or not. October 29th fits the Christmas sales campaign start, and makes sense knowing the Trilogy already made its way into DVD a long time ago and it’s no longer an untouchable golden idol. In fact, it’d be the right move to increase and power Paramount’s BD sales next winter.

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